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Although my interest in antiques and silver flatware in Marietta, Georgia, dates back to the fringes of memory followed by a period of 'running,' it was not till 1983 that I opened my first shop in Grays Antique Market, off Oxford Street, London, followed soon after with one in the Silver Galleries, New Bond Street, London. By then, I had built up such a large customer base in the US that I was able to make my first business trip there in the spring of 1984. I exhibited at the Miami Beach Antique Show (just one hall then), the New York Pier Show (three terminals then), and a few others.

An Antique Sterling Silver Silverware Set in Marietta, GA Repousse Silver Flatware Antique in Marietta, GA Water Pitcher Sterling Silverware in Marietta, GA

In 1994, I relocated to Hingham, Massachusetts, and then down to Marietta, Georgia, where I still maintain an office. By then I had founded Albion Antiques. In 2004, I moved back to the UK and settled in the Cotswolds.

My business is almost entirely internet-based, apart from a few international antique fairs in the USA. I offer a wide and diverse sterling silver flatware inventory in response to customer requests and interests — that is my main criterion. I am 100% committed to doing my best in offering merchandise of the highest quality, guaranteed for authenticity of my silver flatware antiques. I do not specialize in any genre of the silver cutlery business (although I do have my favorite periods) and my vast and ever-expanding library ensures that my descriptions are accurate and legitimate. Please free to contact me to learn more about sterling silverware!

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